1. Empty your dredge's concentrates into a tub.
  2. Rinse all carpets into the tub
  3. Pour tub's contents into a 5 gallon bucket - be sure to rinse tub into bucket
  4. Fill tub with fresh water
  5. Take your 10 and 20 mesh screen put inside each other so the 20 mesh is on the bottom
  6. Pour excess water out of 5 gallon bucket
  7. Take three handfuls of cons and put in mesh screen.
  8. Work until all small particles are through the mesh.
  9. Pour contents of 10 mesh screen into a gold pan.  This is where your nuggets will be.
  10. Work the dirt in the 20 mesh until all small particles have dropped through screen.
  11. Pour contents into another gold pan.  This is where your pickers will be.
  12. Repeat until you have gone through your concentrates.
  13. Pan out nugget and picker pan.
  14. Pour excess water out of tub.
  15. You can pan out the light sands from the cons in the tub  - pour your pan into another 5 gallon bucket. Repeat until you have reduced your concentrates.  However I usually just use the gravity bowl to wash out the light sands.
  16. Run leftovers through gravity bowl and get your gold.
  17. You also can run these concentrates through a smaller screen and run each set of cons through the gravity bowl to separate the fines from the small gold. (This method seems to get the most gold)

The better you classify the more of your gold you will get.

*Most of the content of this page came from http://www.dixiedredger.com